What's New in myPSU

What's new in myPSU

After talking with and surveying more than 1,000 students, we’re pleased to share the redesigned myPSU - made just for you. Here are some new things we think you’ll like.
Students told us they needed a list of important deadlines and next steps from across PSU (billing, enrollment and financial aid). We listened and created psu2do. It’s easy to use - make a copy of the sheet, customize it , and you’ll be on your way.
Class Maps
PSU’s a big place, and it can be difficult to find your classes. That’s why we created a way for you to find them each term with no hassle. Click on the map to navigate to your classes.
Employee Resources Have Moved to PDX.edu
Since the new myPSU application is dedicated to improving the student experience, we've created a new page over at pdx.edu/employees that holds all the links staff and faculty need.
Download the App

Now myPSU goes with you. Download the app for Android or iOS.

Use the myPSU app to navigate the business of being a student at Portland State University, including a map to your classes, paying your bill and other helpful resources.